The Aaron Gallery offers unique works of art. Each individual antiquity speaks for itself and opens your eyes to an ancient world centuries ago.  With timeless works of Greek & Roman, Egyptian, Near Eastern and Islamic Art. The Aaron Gallery never fails to present stunning pieces from such ancient times.

The Aaron Gallery traces its roots back four generations.  The Aaron’s have been advisors to The Persian Royal Family concerning their purchases of antiquities.  Established in 1910 in Iran, the gallery is now located  on New Bond Street, London W1, having built up a successful and strong reputation all over the world.  Within these years, the Aaron family, have built an extensive client list including Museums, Ambassadors, collectors as well as private individuals from all around the world.

“It was a great pleasure to know you and participate from your great knowledge of antiquities.  The services you rendered were very valuable for me, and I can recommend you to all my friends.”
Dr F J Bach, German Ambassador – 1968

Visit the Mayfair gallery at New Bond Street. W1 and view sensational objects of art, such as a rare Achaemenid silver goblet, embossed with a tulip flower (5th Century BC) to a marble portrait head of the Empress Faustina, wife of Marcus Aurelius, (circa 161-180 AD) – each piece being perfect for a decorative, beautiful display of art.

Whether you have a passion for subtle designs and rich colour schemes from the Islamic period, observational characteristics of Egyptian art, geometric design from the Greeks, statues from the Romans, true beauty in the Near East or simply collect the beautiful gold, silver, glass, ceramic, terracotta, bronze or stone artifacts – The Aaron Gallery will advise and show you the best.

  • Roman Marble Torso
  • A Marble Sarcophagus Fragment with Carousing Erotes and Psychai